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Track Title: Sex Yeah

Artist: Marina and the Diamonds

Album: Electra Heart


sex yeah // marina and the diamonds

question what the tv tells you
question what a pop star sells you
question mom and question dad
question good and question bad

Jared is finally 21!!!! Happy birthday @thisoneguyonline It’s about time.

Jared is finally 21!!!! Happy birthday @thisoneguyonline It’s about time.

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Track Title: Lockdown (feat. Dave Eggar)

Artist: Amy Lee

Album: Aftermath


Amy Lee – Lockdown (feat. Dave Eggar)


new hat

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Track Title: Lockdown (Teaser)

Artist: Amy Lee

Album: Aftermath


Wait but hear me out

  • ravenclaws that hate studying and procrastinate every assignment
  • hufflepuffs that curse like sailors and that look like they could definitely fuck you up if they wanted to
  • slytherin that are really nice and sweet who constantly ask how your days going and if you need help with something
  • gryffindor that are scared to kill the spider in the corner of their rooms because who knows if that shit can fly or if it’ll attack you  

I am officially a ginger again!! HALLELUJAH! 

(And yay for successfully [I think] dyeing my own hair for the first time. Dear goodness gracious, long hair is a pain in the neck)

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Amy Lee + red hair